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Our mission is to democratise data insights and enable all businesses to grow faster with data driven actions.

Our Journey

How it all started and where we are...

2023 • October


After 5 years of building AI products for other businesses, we saw an opportunity too big to ignore. We imagined a future where AI helps businesses solve self serve analytics.

2023 • November


The speed at which AI was moving made our conviction more concrete. We wanted to make it incredibly easy for people to introduce AI into their day-to-day data queries and realise immediate results.

2023 • December

Building the MVP

Armed with our domain expertise in AI and unique skillset, we built a Minimum Viable Product that was a step closer to our vision and set out to find our first customer.

2024 • January

Getting First 3 Customers

We are working on pilots using the Fabric analytics platform and buiding the product in the process.

2024 • Q1


We're in talks with VCs to raise seed funding in order to build a product that customers love and find value in.

Our Vision

We imagine a future where all stakeholders can instantly access data and insights without any technical knowledge. Our vision is make Business Intelligence easily accessible to all who want to leverage its superpowers to elevate themselves.

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