Imagining a Future Where AI Agents Augment Humans

Our mission is to truly democratize AI and enable everyone to elevate themselves by delegating execution to AI.

Our Journey

How it all started and where we are...

2023 • May


After 5 years of building AI products for other businesses, we saw an opportunity too big to ignore. We imagined a future where AI does most of the work humans spend time on today.

2023 • June


The speed at which AI was moving made our conviction more concrete. We wanted to make it incredibly easy for people to introduce AI into their day-to-day work and realise immediate results.

2023 • June

Building the MVP

Armed with our domain expertise in AI and unique skillset, we built a Minimum Viable Product that was a step closer to our vision and set out to find our first customer.

2023 • August

Getting First 3 Customers

We got our first 3 customers who we solved problems for using the Fabric platform and built the product in the process.

2023 • September


We're in talks with VCs to raise seed funding in order to build a product that customers love and find value in.

Our Vision

We imagine a future where humans elevate themselves from grunt work to higher value activities at work. Our vision is to create such a future where AI is made easily accessible to all who want to leverage its superpowers to elevate themselves.

Meet our Team

AI Copywriting is proud to have a team of passionate and experienced professionals that are dedicated to providing best experiance for users. Our team is always working hard to ensure our users have the best experience possible.

We're hiring!

We're looking for founding engineers who share our vision of an AI powered future to join our team!

Ready to embrace the future of AI powered automation?

Fabric is currently in private beta. We're going the extra mile automating business workflows for our early adopters and educating their teams on AI.