No Code Platform to Build AI Copilots

Connect Your Tools and Data Sources with LLMs to Unlock 10x Productivity!

Reimagine Work. Elevate Yourself.

We imagine a future where execution is delegated to AI so that humans can focus on critical work and decision making.


Seamless Integrations

Fabric has integrations with the apps you already use and we give you the flexibility to customize your AI automations to mimic your workflows. You don't need to change anything.


Reliable AI Agents

AI agents that actually do the work for you by integrating with your favourite apps. LLM powered AI agents are dynamic enough to not break in the real world.


Secure, Scalable and Reliable

The best interfaces are the ones you never see. Automate your flow with a few clicks and never worry about it again. 100% secure and scales according to demand. Fully managed by us.

It's Super Easy to Get Started!

Choose a template.

It's super easy to start automating your workflows with Fabric. Find a template that you can build on top of. No more staring at a blank canvas wondering what to do.

A catalog of pre-built templates of AI agents to easily get started with

Drag. Drop. Deploy.

Choose from building blocks - data connectors, LLMs, utilities. Connect them with each other as your workflow demands. Deploy and go live with a single click. All it takes is a few minutes. Fabric is made with business users in mind.

A zoomed in view of a drag and drop panel for building AI agents

Export and Integrate.

Once deployed, you can test your flows and monitor them all at one place. Integrate the flows with your application via APIs or export your flow to an easy to use UI.

A chatbot that connects to your knowledge base and answers questions. Here a stock research agent example shows the user asking a question on key drivers behind Google's revenue growth this quarter and the chatbot answers this question in a descriptive manner.

You're in good company

Customer experience is at the core of what we do at Fabric. Hear it from our biggest supporters!

"Fabric helped us reduce our TAT for customer support from 2 days to less than a minute for 60% of our support queries."
Corient testimonial - automating customer support

Punit Jain

Co-founder, Corient

"We were looking to automate our unique and complex workflows using AI. No out of the box solution seemed to work for us. Fabric helped us build a custom workflow and it just works!"
Kloze AI testimonial for AI workflow automation for sales

Rahul Kapoor

CEO, KlozeAI

"With all the hype that surrounds AI, I was skeptical at first. And then I saw what Fabric can do for automating my business processes. Highly recommended!"
AI workflow automation for business processes at a creative agency

Abhishek Vijayvergiya

Creative Director, 7 Frames

"We wanted to integrate AI into our product but didn't have data scientists. Fabric helped us introduce AI features that our customers love, within weeks!"
Fabric for AI workflow automation at an accounting and finance automation startup

Anand S

CEO, Numero

"I have tried many no-code platforms in the past. This is one of the few that blends simplicity with flexibility. AI FTW!"
Fabric as a no code developer platform for building AI apps

Dev Narayanan

Solutions Architect, Aidetic

"A customer came to us requesting an AI feature. The Fabric team was super helpful in guiding me on how to build the AI feature using their platform."
AI for SAP customer support

Nalini Kumar

CEO, Incresol


Have a question? You'll probably find the answer here.

What is Fabric?

Fabric is a no code platform for building AI agents to automate complex workflows easily.

What is an AI agent?

An AI agent is an LLM powered program capable of achieving goals independently. You simply feed it your objectives and it is capable of executing tasks, connecting to third party services, and browsing the web to achieve these goals.

Can I get started without prior AI experience?

Absolutely! The primary reason we built Fabric was to help non-technical users leverage the power of AI to automate processes and unlock 10x producitivity in whatever they do. Fabric is a drag and drop no-code platform. So it's super easy to get started.

I want to use Fabric. How do I get started?

You can sign up for early access to Fabric. We have a bunch of pre-built templates that make it super easy to get started. For example, if you're a marketer and want to use AI to supercharge content creation, you can select the content creation template on Fabric, make changes to suit your workflow, and off you go.

How do you charge for Fabric?

We have flexible pricing plans that depend on the number of workflows you build and your scale of usage. You can sign up for early access and if you're eligible, we'll offer you a free trial!

What all can I do with Fabric?

Fabric is a general purpose AI automation platform. So what you do with it is really on your imagination. You can set up simple automations like an FAQ chatbot for your website or complex ones like an automated content repurposing workflow that takes blog posts from your CMS and writes a series of Twitter threads from it.

Still have questions?

Ready to embrace the future of AI powered automation?

Fabric is currently in private beta. We're going the extra mile automating business workflows for our early adopters and educating their teams on AI.