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Understand why your metrics are changing without slicing and dicing dashboards.

Introducing Fabric
AI Driven Product Analytics

Weeks of complex analytics now done in minutes

Understand Why Your Metrics are Moving

Product teams can now see the key drivers behind their metrics and do RCAs with one click.

No SQL Required

Forget SQL. PMs can now ask their queries in simple English and get analyst-level answers.

Find Hidden Insights

Fabric automatically uncovers insights from your data so that you can take meaningful data driven actions much faster.

Get to Root Cause Faster

Fabric immediately detects the root cause behind trends and anomalies saving time and lost revenue.

Customized for You

Each company’s data setup is different, and we customise Fabric for you to deliver maximum accuracy and relevance.

Here's How Fabric can Help You

Why Fabric is one of the best ROI decisions you will make.

30% Reduction in Analytics Cost

Reduce the number of analyst hours by automating ad-hoc queries with Fabric.

10x Faster Data Driven Decisons

Take data-driven decisions faster by democratising the access to data insights.  

Build a Data Driven Culture

Reduce the friction between your team and insights and watch how data becomes a part of your org's dna.

Unlock Hidden Opportunities

Uncover millions of opportunities hidden in your data with faster, data driven decisions and actions.


Have a question? You'll probably find the answer here.

What is Fabric?

Fabric is a product analytics platform that helps product teams do complex analysis without any tech knowledge.

Is Fabric another natural language to SQL converter?

The smaller answer is no. The longer answer is that we believe english to SQL conversion is just a part of the larger self serve BI solution. We are working on meta data, metric stores, data security and several other pieces of this puzzle as well.

Are you trying to replace data analysts with AI?

Nope. On the contrary, we are trying to streamline the entire ad-hoc queries pipeline, so that analysts get more time to work on more interesting projects.

Can I get started without prior SQL experience?

Absolutely! The primary reason we built Fabric was to help non-technical PMs gain insights from data without any SQL experience.

I want to use Fabric. How do I get started?

You can join the waitlist through the form in the site's banner.

How do you charge for Fabric?

We have flexible pricing plans that depend on the number of queries you run and the size of your database. You can sign up for early access and if you're eligible, we'll offer you a free trial!

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